Trauma and Anxiety

"Pete did an amazing job of helping me sort through my trauma, I actually feel like I can get on with my life again.. In just two sessions something I had been stuck with for nearly 5 years, surfacing in the form of anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and leading into physical health problems, all gone.. I wouldn't have believed it could be fixed so easy, but wow!!"  Anon Tauranga


Past Life Regression

"Experiencing a past life regression with Gen was a truly profound experience. It helped me answer some questions I had had with me for a long time. Gen works professionally and attentively, listening to the needs of her client and adjusting her script accordingly. It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to have another one!"  E.G, Wellington.

Fear of Driving

"Gen helped me overcome a debilitating fear of driving.  Following a bad car accident in my teenage years, I developed a phobia about driving at speed. Whenever I attempted to learn how to drive, my body would tense up and shake and I would give up.  My phobia was especially bad trying to pull onto the motorway.  Gen helped me release my fear of learning to drive after I had put off overcoming it for over ten years!  After she led me through a gentle hypnosis session, I found myself subconsciously using the relaxation techniques she had suggested I use whenever I tensed up. Suddenly I was no longer afraid to learn how to drive, instead, even when I pulled onto the motorway I found my body relaxing and was overwhelmed by a feeling of being calm and in control. I recently passed my restricted license test with flying colours.  Not only do I now feel confident driving, I also love it!  Gen easily found the root of the problem and undid any damage done to my confidence with a few astute suggestions. I recommend her without reservations as a perceptive, intuitive and sensitive practitioner."   M.A Wellington

Pain Reduction

"Eighteen months ago due to a stressful life, I contracted a painful and debilitating ailment. I sought medical help including acupuncture, but the pain persisted. Hypnotherapy was then recommended. I discovered that there is nothing to feel apprehensive about with this treatment. There was no medicine, or needles, just words, positive thought and reinforcement of which I was fully aware. Apparently the ailment which I suffered can recur at intervals, but since hypnotherapy I have been completely pain free, which is such a relief, and I thank Peter Jones for his skill and professional handling of my complaint. " Anon - Tauranga